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Gothic Architecture, Windows & Structures

Gothic Architecture, Windows & Structures

With the Gothic came the replacement of the Romanesque round arches, which in the Gothic era were shaped as pointed arches. The pointed arches made it possible for the first time to build high windows through which the buildings were flooded with light.

Due to the newly applied in the Gothic design of the ceilings as cross-ribbed vaults and the use of buttresses, one could partially do without thick and massive masonry. The result was higher rooms without many retaining walls, which, in conjunction with the pointed arches of the windows, seemed brighter and friendlier. Due to this circumstance, the basilica was increasingly replaced by the Hall church in the late Gothic period. Simplified decorative elements were also added.

Style features of Gothic

  1. Pointed arches on windows and portals
  2. Vault forms such as cross rib vaults with skeleton construction, net vaults, cell vaults
  3. Buttresses and buttresses
  4. multi-colored glass windows
  5. light-flooded interiors

Gothic style

  1. Early Gothic
  2. High Gothic
  3. Late gothic