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South Tyrol from A-Z: monasteries and churches

Katharinaberg in Val Senales, one of the most beautiful places for a church

South Tyrol

The Christian faith has been firmly rooted in South Tyrol for more than a millennium. In the past, religion spurred people on to ever new peak performances, which were reflected in architecture.

In South Tyrol, artfully designed churches, magnificent cathedrals and romantic monastery complexes have been built since the sixth century. The different periods of art can still be seen today in the construction of the churches and monasteries in South Tyrol.

The oldest churches date from the Early Middle Ages and were built in Romanesque style. They were followed by magnificent cathedrals in Gothic architecture with their characteristic pointed arches. Playful facades with elaborately designed reliefs and sculptures characterize the church buildings from the Baroque period. The sacral buildings are picturesquely situated on hills in rural regions or form the focal point in the mountain villages. In the South Tyrolean towns they rise in the centre of the medieval town centres.

The interiors contain valuable frescoes and ornate sculptures from different centuries. Late Gothic winged altars still give an impression of the high craftsmanship of the builders. The historic monastery buildings are among the oldest buildings in South Tyrol.