Castles, Castles & Monasteries
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Castles & Monasteries

The Noble obliged the lords and ladies in these regions. Whether as a free-spirited winemaker or as a guardian of the world-famous Lipizzaner horses – they have all committed to the Tradition of their homes, and this Modern led. The second part of the documentary series “castles in Austria” leads from the Styrian volcanic land […]

Gothic Architecture, Windows & Structures
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Gothic Architecture, Windows & Structures

With the Gothic came the replacement of the Romanesque round arches, which in the Gothic era were shaped as pointed arches. The pointed arches made it possible for the first time to build high windows through which the buildings were flooded with light. Due to the newly applied in the Gothic design of the ceilings […]

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The Gothic Cathedral

The Central building of almost any Western European city is, of course, the Cathedral or the Church. First of all, of course, spectacular Gothic cathedrals.Huge monumental structures are drawn to the sky and make us feel our frailty and insignificance in the face of eternity. At the same time, high arches of the human endeavor […]

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The Old town and the Gothic quarter

Barcelona is a city with a history that is embodied in the monuments. For all history of existence of the city in its trail it left the Carthaginians, Arabs, Romans, Visigoths. Everything built and erected these peoples can be seen in the architectural ensemble of the city. Unfortunately, not all buildings have survived to our […]