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Charles Barry

Charles Barry was born on 23 may 1795 in Westminster. In 1817 he went on a trip to India and the East, also visited Greece, Egypt, Syria. Returned to England Barry in 1821, bringing with them a lot of sketches. His first notable building was the Church. Peter’s in Brighton. It was followed by the […]

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Pyramid Of Tibet

How many unsolved mysteries it hides in itself the word “pyramid”! In our Land there are many pyramids of various shapes and sizes. Only on the territory of Tibet according to some data there are about one hundred, in Egypt, 34 pyramids, in Mexico 16. In Tibet is the highest mountain Kailas. Its height is […]

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Mont-Saint-Michel, a small island off the southwest coast of Normandy, attracts pilgrims and travelers for over 1000 years. Dam with marked road connects the mainland with the island of Mont Saint-Michel. It rises abruptly over the flat sandy plain that is smooth strong tide rushing into the Bay. In good weather this conical rock, with […]