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Palma Cathedral

The landmark of the Mallorcan capital and the most famous Palma de Mallorca sight is the Cathedral La Seu.The impressive, golden sandstone building is one of the highest Gothic buildings in Europe with a length of almost 110 meters and a width of 33 meters, the main nave is 44 meters high.The cathedral was built […]

Gothic cathedrals of medieval Europe
build building Europe Gothic

Gothic cathedrals of medieval Europe

Chartres CathedralGothic cathedrals are not religious buildings of the ancient Goths, but structures of Gothic architecture. Just as vandalism has nothing to do with vandals, Gothic architecture has nothing to do with the Goths. It is an architectural style that developed in France from Romanticism in the 12th century and was known simply as the” […]

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All about Gothic – Gothic art

Sculpture played a huge role in creating the image of a Gothic Cathedral. In France she designed mostly its exterior walls. Tens of thousands of sculptures, from the socle to the pinnacles that populate the Mature Gothic Cathedral. The relationship between sculpture and architecture in Gothic otherwise than in Romanesque art. In the formal attitude […]

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Mysteries of the ancient pyramids

The great historian Herodotus in his time called the Egyptian pyramids first wonder of the world. Since then, thousands of years have passed, which confirmed the truth of his words and forced researchers to consider it a miracle tainstvennym and greatest known to humanity. The pyramid complex of Giza is the most sublime and mysterious […]