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The Old town and the Gothic quarter

Barcelona is a city with a history that is embodied in the monuments. For all history of existence of the city in its trail it left the Carthaginians, Arabs, Romans, Visigoths. Everything built and erected these peoples can be seen in the architectural ensemble of the city. Unfortunately, not all buildings have survived to our […]

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All about Gothic – Gothic art

Sculpture played a huge role in creating the image of a Gothic Cathedral. In France she designed mostly its exterior walls. Tens of thousands of sculptures, from the socle to the pinnacles that populate the Mature Gothic Cathedral. The relationship between sculpture and architecture in Gothic otherwise than in Romanesque art. In the formal attitude […]

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Mysteries of the ancient pyramids

The great historian Herodotus in his time called the Egyptian pyramids first wonder of the world. Since then, thousands of years have passed, which confirmed the truth of his words and forced researchers to consider it a miracle tainstvennym and greatest known to humanity. The pyramid complex of Giza is the most sublime and mysterious […]