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On our planet there are many structures that mankind knows very little. They appeared thousands and sometimes, millions of years ago. Who built them and how remains unknown. Perhaps, one of the few buildings, which everyone knows, are the pyramids, not just Egypt.

To the list of the oldest buildings include Tibetan or Himalayan pyramid. The most famous among them is mount Kailash. It stands alone, has a rounded symmetrical top, a clear vertical and horizontal furrows. By the way, this is linked to another name for peak Mountain of the Swastika. In the Tibetan mountains have been numerous expeditions, including the expedition Muldashev. Scientists have discovered there is some semblance of Kozyrev’s mirrors, which are the plane altitude of approximately 1 kilometer, vertically. Mount Kailash since ancient times was considered sacred.

Mention of it can be found in the Ramayana. According to some scientists, and the mountain itself, and mirrors, built using the power of the five elements – air, earth, water, fire and wind.

In addition, some scientists say that in reality the Kailas is not even a mountain, and the artificial pyramid. There is also evidence that these places possess mental impacts. They, the researchers say,can change the human psyche, creating some obstacles.

On the summit of the building, were intermittently visible glowing orbs. And some scientists even believe that at the top for people time flows completely differently, despite the fact that no instrument anomalies do not record.

Among the ancient structures are the pyramids of Egypt. Usually, when talking about these pyramids, most people think of the pyramids of Giza – Cheops, Chefren and mycerinus. These pyramids differ from the pyramid of Djoser that have pyramidal, strictly geometric form. The walls of the pyramid rise at an angle of about 51-53 degrees to the horizontal, and faces are strictly oriented to the cardinal.

Among the largest of these pyramids is the pyramid of Cheops, which built on a natural rock elevation. Initially the height of the pyramid reached about 146 meters, but now it has decreased a bit and is only about 139 meters. The sides of the pyramid have a length of 230 meters. This building dates back to 26th century BC. Suggest that its construction took approximately two decades.

For the construction of the pyramid was spent 2.3 million stone blocks, fitted together very accurately without the use of cement or other binders. Weight of each block reached approximately 2.5 tonnes, but during the research were found blocks weighing up to 80 tons.

According to historical evidence, the construction of the pyramid involved about one hundred thousand slaves. But there is another version according to which the builders of the pyramid were peasants, who periodically were free from field work. Some scholars argue that the construction of the pyramids was hard labor. It was recently discovered and the village in which there lived builders. There are found several bakeries, a brewery and a drying-room for fish. In addition, there were found the skeletons of cattle.

Judging by the found drawings and inscriptions, it is possible to assume that the workers were the teams between which there was a constant struggle for supremacy. Cemetery settlements have been found the skeletons of workers who indicate that during the life of the people engaged in heavy physical labor. However, it was also found that many of them suffered multiple fractures and injuries, but recovered thanks to the high level of development of medicine.

Not far from the pyramids is the Great Sphinx was created much earlier. First, he had a beard. Japanese researchers were able to detect under one of the clutches of an underground passage that leads to the pyramid of Chephren, but to determine exactly where it ends is unknown.

These are all official data, and not to trust them makes no sense. But much as the pyramids of Egypt, still remains a mystery how such huge structures people can build practically with bare hands, and even for such a short period of time, if even today, with advanced technology, this can not be done? And later why nothing like this never been built?

No less interesting are news of Kyrgyzstan and one more ancient structures – the pyramids of the Maya. Among them the best known is the temple-pyramid of Kukulkan or El Castilio. The temple is located in the centre of the ancient city, and it is well seen from any point. Many scientists pyramid is called the great solar calendar. At the base of the pyramid is a square whose side is 55 meters and the height of the pyramid is 25 meters. Sides of the pyramid are placed the nine terraces, each representing one region of the Kingdom of the dead. To the top lead 4 cool wide stairs that were divided into 18 spans (the number of months in the Mayan calendar). Each stairway has 91 steps. If you add up the number of steps and add one on top, you get the number of days in year – 365. Apparently, according to the scientists, the pyramid was used for astronomical observations, because it is oriented to the cardinal.

In addition, Kukulkan has other unexplained properties. Twice a year, in the autumnal and spring equinox, the North stairs at the bottom ends with heads of snakes. And at a certain time on the steps appear the triangles of shadow and light that make up the image of the sacred Snake that slides to the base of the structure. All this lasts exactly three hours and 22 minutes.