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Barcelona: beautiful buildings

Or La Pedrera House by gaudí.

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Casa Milà, or as it is called by the Catalans is La Pedrera (the meaning of the word “quarry”) is a great and amazing creation that has created the architect Antonio Gaudi. In life, as it should be in our society, this architect was considered a madman, only after death, he is called a genius for creating an amazing world building.

The architect, Gaudi, was the one who hates closed space and the correct smooth geometric lines.

The house was built by Gaudi – the quarry(the attraction) was designed for Pere Mila. This is a man who at the time was renting apartments to guests, and gaining a profit. Today we do not know whether he passed at least one apartment of this wonderful building in Spain. It is likely that people refused to live in a very strange house, which was entirely without straight lines.

Amazing unusual building Spain(Barcelona) . attracts many tourists, and their opinions varied – some people say that this building looks like a rocky lump, which dig caves, and others see in him – the silhouette of a frozen wave. Gaudi himself said that he created the building, which can be classified as – the world’s masterpieces of architecture .

Lines that are everywhere infinitely curved black wrought lattice on the perimeter, poor colors, he tried to combine in this building that essentially is not combined and it came out delicious.

If you get inside the house Gaudi . it becomes very difficult to reconcile the internal with the external facade of this architectural masterpiece. The impression that the outer shell of the building was designed by people inspired by some childhood fairy tales and dreams, but inside he had changed in an instant and decided to use the direction of the broken lines inherent in the Catalan streets.

This building Gaudi designed at the dawn of the 20th century, but surprisingly this style of modern buildings, ie he overtook almost the whole epoch that lasts 100 years. What we can see in this building is an underground garage, a ventilation system designed so that air conditioners there is no need, rooms have a free plan. There is even a place in the Elevator, set it true a century later.

Gaudi was struck by architects of that time, invoking a system ceilings without supports, without internal partitions, the inhabitants were very convenient to move inside La Pedrera. Today, NASA uses similar calculations to determine movement and direction of the space flights!

For tourists which are tired of shopping in Barcelona, presented in gaudí’s La Pedrera, is another great opportunity to stroll on the roof . getting pleasure from the beautiful architecture of the great architect and simply genius.

Antonio Gaudi long led a lawsuit with the local authorities, who were forbidden to build in that place a building height of six floors. The great architect of Spain have won, and today view of Barcelona catches the eye of tourists with great architectural structures.

On the roof of the quarry, in addition to different mazes and pipes of ventilation, there are some strange structures that have similarities with aliens or soldiers. Perhaps in this way gaudí wanted to take revenge on the landlord, who forbade him to build there initially conceived a sculpture of the Mother of God with Child.

Today, the attic was converted and there is a Gaudi Museum . The other rooms are defined as offices and homes for Catalan families.

Amazing structure of Spain . the Pedrera . La Pedrera . the attraction of Spain Barcelona or just a house built by Gaudi . it is the first building that was included in the list of world heritage in the 20th century.