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Top 10 Most long and large ( high ) bridges in the world

In the previous ranking, we published the top 10 most beautiful bridges in the same, we will provide you with the largest bridges (high) and the longest bridges . For each type of bridges we took 5 pieces.

The longest bridges in the world

No. 5. Cingoski the Bay bridge

Construction period: 2007-2011

This is the length of the water bridge is in China stretches over Jiaozhou Bay 42 km To the bridge gone nothing less 5.5 billion pounds sterling! Six lanes and enhanced design and as a result – reduction of time spent on the road out of town in an industrial zone – 30 minutes.

No. 4. Highway Bang Na, Thailand

Period of construction: 1995-2000

The bridge length of 54 km stretches in Bangkok as a paid highway, which begins at the entrance to the city. The main goal is to fight traffic jams. Six lanes perfectly cope with this task.

No. 3. The bridge over Wei, China

Period of construction: 2008

The bridge that crosses the river twice Wei and several other rivers, carries on its 80 km of railway track Railway branches.

No. 2. The viaduct Tianjin, China

Period of construction: 2008-2010

Another railway bridge and again in the people’s Republic of China. 113,7 km cross two provinces. Withstand the load of both conventional and high-speed trains.

No. 1. Tanan-Kunshan viaduct, China

Period of construction: 2008-2010

The longest bridge in the world as well designed for the railway. 164,8 km pass as above as above the water surface (the greatest distance – 9 km) and over land.

Most large ( high ) bridges in the world

No. 5. Stone bridge, Hong Kong

Period of construction: 2004-2009

A bridge connects several Islands and refers to the type of cable. Its height is 298 m, length 1 km. To avoid the destruction of the Typhoon, to frequent these areas, the bridge further strengthened.

No. 4. Akashi-Kaikyo, Japan

Period of construction: 1994-1998

Besides the impressive height (298 meters), this bridge is different is another feature: the two bearing pillars created the world’s largest span length of 1991 meters, all three spans. The bridge paid, however, according to forecasts, it will pay for its construction only after 30 years, excluding inflation.

No. 3. Sutun bridge across the Yangtze, China

Period built: 2003-2008

Construction of a road bridge with a height of 306 meters. connecting Nantong and Shanghai, has reduced the travel time between them from four hours to one.

No. 2. Russian bridge, Russia

Period of construction: 2008-2012

This cable-stayed bridge has the largest span among sebepodobnyh – 1104 meters! And the highest pylons – 324 meters. The bridge connects the Russian mainland with the island, hence the name. despite the magnitude of the construction and records set during, construction has been repeatedly criticized for the cost and corruption mainly.

No. 1. Millau Viaduct, France