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Popular Czech castles

Czech Republic is a beautiful country, famous for its historical monuments and many tourist attractions. The peculiarity of this country is that no matter you visit it in August or February, you will surely be able to walk in the alleys of the medieval city and see the castles that are the real wealth of the country. What are the popular Czech castles ?

Czech Republic is famous for its thermal springs, mineral water is curative, but because the resorts and resorts of the country is always full of tourists. There is another feature that explains this love for the Czech Republic: the air temperature in the country ranges from -2 to -4 degrees Celsius in winter, and from +18 to +22 degrees Celsius in the summer. Undoubtedly, in this country it is impossible not to fall in love . because it is full of amazing attractions, chief among which are the castles.

Karlstejn Castle

Imperial castle built in the XIV century. He is the most famous castle of the country. Karlstejn is located near Prague, it rises above the Berounka river . standing on a high cliff. This place is loved and revered, because it looks exactly as it should look like an old Gothic castle.

Zvikov Castle

This is one of the oldest medieval castles of the Czech Republic.Zvíkov was built in the XIII century on the promontory of the confluence of the rivers Vltava and Otava. By the way, this castle is officially recognized as a national cultural monument of the Czech Republic. Zvíkov has incredibly beautiful surroundings that also deserve attention.

Castle Rožmberk

This castle was built in XIII century, and its Gothic fortifications until then, until it was rebuilt in the first half of the nineteenth century. Today the castle is a historical Museum . the main Palace which is made in several architectural styles. Here you can see a unique collection of furniture in the Baroque style, and carefully study historical weapons. In addition, this Museum houses an impressive collection of Renaissance paintings.

Konopiště Castle

Konopiště was built in the XIII century and represented a Gothic building with a high tower and fortified with deep ditches. Since then, the castle repeatedly changed its appearance, passing from one host to another. Konopiště is a vast complex . surrounded by a beautiful Park with a rose garden. Inside the castle is stored a rich collection of works of the Renaissance, Baroque and Gothic. You can also see the impressive collection of military weapons and armor.

Castle Hluboka

This beautiful building was built in the XIII century and was a castle in the Gothic style. Deep several times was renovated to become the building in neo-Gothic style. The castle is a state Museum . hosting a huge collection of Dutch painting of the XVII century. In addition, you can look at a collection of antique porcelain, pottery, weapons and glass. Castle hung with beautiful tapestries and decorated with original furniture of the XIX century.

In addition, around Deep stretches a magnificent Park, walking along which you can find many rare species of trees .

As you can see, in the Czech Republic really is something to see. Nice trip.