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History of architecture is fraught with many secrets in which they lived the great architects of all countries of the world.

Wherever we looked, everywhere new buildings are being constructed and the builders have a huge variety of construction machines, from trucks to cranes. The ancient builders had similar cars, but nevertheless they have managed to create surprisingly complex designs. One of the most famous buildings of the ancient stone circle at Stonehenge in southern England. It is made of huge stone blocks, which builders had to transport on a long journey to the construction site. However, the people who built Stonehenge, had no wheeled vehicles to move the stones. The same can be said about the builders of huge stone pyramids in many places in Central America, and the masters who built the ancient temples on the island of Malta. How they did it?

The main reason for the construction of these facilities was the need to create people protection from rain and wind. Vratislav village in Poland during the iron age shows just how effective in this sense could be ancient buildings created in this way. But if there were no wood? Then in some places used the land, making bricks from clay and drying them in the hot sun until they are hard.

Tniis the first churches in the world were built on the territory of Armenia. The Patriarchal Cathedral of the Armenian Church in the ancient Vagharshapat, St. Echmiadzin — one of the most famous and illustrious of the early Christian churches. The history of its existence, with frequent alternation of construction and renovation following the destruction of the ages legends the forgotten and dilapidated, perhaps, has no equal among the many other Armenian churches.

The rich decoration of the doors of secular buildings gives the X century historian Tovma Artsruni in the “History of Artsruni house”

An important feature of the civil architecture of the V-VII centuries. is the clash of religious ascetics wealth of decoration of buildings and structures with the desire to display wildlife in stone.