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Wonders of the ancient world

Masada is one of the most popular places of tourism in Israel, this unique ancient fortress in 2001 was included in the UNESCO list of world coliernoa heritage of humanity.

The history of the formation of the fortress

On the southern shore of the Dead sea towers is a unique architectural structure.

The fortress was built by order of Herod the Great in first century BC. Famous today primarily by the fact that due to their inaccessibility delayed the full conquest of Judea by the Romans for three years. The defenders of the fortress did not surrender to the Victor, and remained until the last, as a result survivors of the siege remained only two women, thanks to them, and preserved the story of the defense of Masada.

The location of the fortress seems impregnable, and given that the ancient Israelites built a fortress, you do wonder how such a fortress could take.

Masada was a winter Palace of king Herod, and when the Parthians in the year 40 BC was placed on the throne of Judah his protege Antigone second, Herod was forced to leave the capital and take refuge in his winter residence. The siege of Masada in what have not resulted. In year 37, when Herod using mozzarella Rome yet again, he first strengthened the fortress, making it even more impregnable.

However, with the death of the king reins in Ideabiella Rome and from the sixth year of our era, in the fortress there is a small Roman military garrison.

The glorious history of the defense of Masada

After a brief period of calm Judah had been shaken by popular uprisings against Roman rule in 66 year fortress seize the most radical of the rebels, sicarii, under the leadership of Menachem Ben-Jehuda Galilee.

It is clear that the grip was carried out unexpectedly, so as to take this fortress by storm praktiski was not possible.

In 73 the Roman Legion under the command of Flavius Silva laid siege to the fortress. On a handful of defensive had eight thousand fighting Roman soldiers with extensive military experience.

The siege lasted three years, until the Romans built a 70 meter high earth berm and with the help of siege towers breached the fortress wall.

The Jews not wanting to give up, committed suicide, or rather as they say historians, was chosen by lot ten, which killed all, then by lot killed nine people and then killed himself.

Thus ended the heroic defense of the fortress, the fall of which finally allowed the Romans to establish control over the territory of Judea.

The subsequent history of Masada

What is the time the fortress was held by the Romans, but after the 111 year they left the fortress for many centuries fell into disrepair.

Only during the Byzantine rule in the region attempts were made to build a monastery on the site of the fortress, but with the arrival of the Arabs and these attempts to restore to life this area were thwarted.

And only in the 19th century the fortress one can say re-opened and began to study.

Masada for Israelis is a monument to the will and the courage of their ancestors in the fight against the Roman conquerors and as already mentioned, is one of the most visited place in the tourist routes in Israel.