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Unusual monuments

Dolmens (which means “stone table”) – megaliths, ancient structures of huge slabs that became a landmark of Russia, Korea, Europe and North Africa. No wonder they are considered one of the wonders of the world. Outwardly they are indeed reminiscent of the table of some giant. Built dolmens for several millennia BC.

They are found in Russia, in Europe, in North Africa and in some Asian countries (a lot of them are found in Korea – about a hundred thousand). But more than half of the dolmens were destroyed and plundered. Smash them, and the stones used to build temples, houses and strengthening of dams. Only when the dolmens in all countries were protected by law, the vandalism stopped.

The appearance of dolmens in the different countries differ from each other. For the most part – it’s a huge plate lying on props. In form these dolmens resemble the letter “P”. The legendary Stonehenge is composed of these structures.

But there are dolmens, similar to a house. Such facilities are found in the Caucasus, the Urals, Spain, in Belgium and in the UK. Four plates form a vertical wall, a fifth – ceiling, and some dolmens have even a stone floor! Such structures, consisting of 6 blocks, especially many in the Western Caucasus. In the front plate there is a hole, satikusies stone stopper.

In some places found dolmens, built of many large stones. Plate dolmens are connected in a groove in the groove, they are so tight that even the thinnest knife cannot be inserted into the second slit.

What did they built? According to the first version, dolmens were used as tombs. During the excavation they found a large amount of arrowheads, tools, jewelry, pottery shards, and human remains. The researchers concluded that many of the dolmens served as burial place.

Others suggest that the ancient people-the giants built these houses people-dwarfs, regretting kids.

Still others believe that dolmens were left to die great minds of the past, and now in these ancient buildings lives the spirit of the sages. These days, many people believe this, and often come just to stand next to the dolmens. They say that after that come to them calm and confidence.

The researchers cannot say how these big slabs were manufactured and delivered to the installation site of the dolmen. Often the blocks had made its way into many tens of kilometers, and the weight of one plate tens of tons! Maybe it is the work of ancient giant humans? Or ancient people had the technology to build such structures, and where are the builders?