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TOP 5 most mystical places of Ukraine

Everyone knows that our planet has countless mysterious places, which can not only bestow your guests with positive emotions, but also to instill a sense of confused zuccotti and even fear. Many of us watch horror movies, but not everyone decides to become a member of his mystical stories and visit areas of anomalous phenomena in the Ukraine, in which they also exist.

The anomalous area is considered area terrain, in which periodically there are paranormal phenomena that are not explainable from the point of view of science. Some call these places to be cursed, someone considers them to be mystical, but for someone they are carriers of confidential historical information.

Ukraine is a country with a rich past. And may most of us not happy with our present, in the history of our state were worse. But our land has always been famous for endless beauty and unique charm. Those mysterious places of our Ukraine, which we now consider, possess alluring power, and magical phenomena. If You like to feel like freezes the blood or heart shudders with fear, this TOP is made just for You. Each zone of anomalous phenomena has its own fascinating legend.

Fifth place in our ranking is the meadow near the village Kupyshche, not far from the city Korosten. This place is popularly called Groovesim. This formidable name was not given in vain. For a long time gamecenter fact that during a thunderstorm, this glade is a strange way comes to life and attracts lightning, causing the inhabitants of the neighbourhood watch in this area, a strange glow in the sky like the underside of the earth, directed beam of light. According to the legend on Hromovyshche there once lived a wealthy pan, very evil and cruel man. For its aggression, he received a decree from above – during a thunderstorm lightning killed him and the house burned to the ground. Since then, a mystical gathering of lightnings in one place occurs with every thunderstorm that passes over the village, and reminds local residents that the evil can kill everyone.

The fourth place can be given to the majestic “Bald hill” which is situated in our capital. This area is like a magnet for psychics, ufologists, healers and historians. Is a mysterious hill in Pechersk district, on the right Bank of the river Lybed in the South-West of Adria. Rumor has it that in ancient times our ancestors performed in this place of pagan rituals of sacrifice, according to which the area was subject to clearing of trees (and why did the name “Bald mountain”). That this area is saturated with negative energy did not doubt the soldiers, a military unit which at one time was located in this place. All the army was visited by poor health, which significantly deteriorated at midnight and at noon. For these reasons, the location of the military unit was moved to another location.

The third position is not ignorant of the Cold Yar, who was hiding in the arms of four villages Grushevka, Sabatino, Millers and Lubanzi that are located in Cherkasy region. According to local legend, 30 million years ago in this place fell a giant meteorite, which is an area filled with extraordinary energy. Perhaps for this reason the area became known for many bloody battles that take place every few decades. For two millennia the history of the Cold ravine rich and saturated with new mysterious events that are not exempt from the local village.

Second step the most mysterious places in Ukraine given the Uzhgorod castle, founded in the IX century. Now it is Transcarpathian Museum of local lore. Employees and visitors of the castle with horror noticed his wandering through the rooms of the female silhouette. A shadowy figure was often frightened by his presence to the guards. According to the story, this Ghost is the spirit of a girl who was the daughter of the commandant of the castle, long since left this world. During his life on earth, during the siege, she told the enemy about the underground tunnels that led straight to the castle. Furious, the father accused the daughter of treason and ordered to immure her alive in a wall of the building. Since then, restless maiden soul forever a denizen of the castle and wanders in the room.

The winner of our rating with the courage to call Podgorodetskiy castle, which is not only a magnificent monument of medieval architecture, but also the habitat of unusual tenants. The structure is located in the village of Pidhirtsi Brody district, Lviv region. Even on the aesthetic qualities of the castle you can already make a conclusion about presence in it of some mystics. Anomalous phenomena have been seen here just a few years ago, when, during the preparations for the restoration of designers and architects conducted a photo shoot almost every element of the domain. Some photos have caused many people to shudder in several parts of the Palace were fixed transparent human silhouettes. After that Podgorodetskiy the castle became a favorite place of many experts who study paranormal phenomena. Not an exception and is famous for the program “Battle of psychics”, which the participants unanimously confirmed the presence in the castle entities of the underworld.