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The most mysterious places on the planet

In the world many beautiful and unusual places

Waterfalls, forests, quaint mountain — whatever nature has in store. However, some of them are so amazing that inadvertently arouse suspicion: is it really natural or man-made objects?

This brings to mind the “experts” telling us about prehistoric or extraterrestrial civilizations, left a message to humanity in such an original way. However, academic science strongly believes is really a creation of nature, albeit amazing.

The name Pamukkale translates from Turkish as “Cotton castle”. Looking at this miracle of nature, no doubt — snow-white terraces and hanging “icicles” of salt reminiscent of the tale about the Snow Queen, and covered with a salt crust of the earth is really like a frozen sea of cotton.

Here, in the South-West of Turkey. there are thermal springs, healing power that is known since ancient times. Here, rumor has it, was visited by Cleopatra.


However, civilization has brought about changes in the life of this amazing place. So, for example, tourists are forbidden to walk barefoot in the salt terraces, and around the numerous springs baths, spas and other inherent objects of tourist infrastructure.

By the way, after completing all treatments, admire the shining white terraces, you can explore the ruins of the ancient Greek city of Hierapolis. The city was many times destroyed by earthquakes and rebuilt again resistant Greeks. However, from oblivion this did not save him today, Hierapolis is only ruins.

The tiny fishing village of Moeraki, nestled on the coast of New Zealand. became a place of pilgrimage for tourists, archaeologists I. ufologists.

The fact that the coast in this place strewn with unusual stones of ideal spherical shape.

What assumptions have been expressed about the origin of these boulders: balls for the game of the gods, the landing capsule of aliens, dinosaur eggs, or some mysterious creatures.

Boulders Moeraki.

All these versions are not expressed on an empty place. Some of the boulders are covered with a pattern of regular hexagons, others — network “of blood vessels and veins”, and others appeared as if releasing himself of some prehistoric monster, and the fourth does look scorched as if passed through the solid layers of the earth’s atmosphere after a long space travel.

The true origin of these stones can not explain even the scientists, although quite plausible versions have already been made in the academic environment. According to scholars, these stones are nothing but a Geode is a natural formation, composed of crystalline core and cemented around the mud.

By the way, these formations can be found all over the world. Even in Russia, in the Irkutsk region, found these round stones. However, in such number and variety as in the village of Moeraki, they are nowhere to be found.

In order to fully see the splendor of this unique geological structure, it is advisable to get in the air, or better still in space.

Eye Of Africa.

Eye of Africa — a ring formation in the Sands of the Sahara, the origin of which scientists still lead to heated debates. First they said that it is the crater left after the fall of the meteorite. However, studies have shown that it is not. No typical signs of the impact crater was found.

Today there are two versions of the origin of the Eye of Africa. Some scholars argue that the unique structure was formed at the site of the eruption of an ancient volcano. Others believe that the Eye of Africa was created by processes of erosion.

In today’s world not easy to find places untouched by civilization. Even smaller places, where there is a unique endemic flora and fauna. Socotra island in Yemen — one of those places.

The isolation of the island allowed us to develop here a huge number of animals and plants that are found only on Socotra. 90% of reptiles, a third of the plants are endemic.

Socotra Island

No less unique and local residents — socotrans. Life in isolation from the influence of other civilizations forced them to create a special culture in which man and nature coexist peacefully. Interesting and socotri language, belonging to the group of Semitic languages spoken by the locals here for thousands of years.

Tourism on Socotra is just developing, which means that the island has not yet managed to ruin numerous hotels, restaurants and other “creature comforts”.

5. Moving rocks of Death Valley. USA

Death valley in the Mojave desert — the place itself is mysterious and creepy. However, here are their “stars”, bewildering and headache from several generations of scientists. It is about moving the stones.

It would seem, is itself a stone under the scorching rays of the sun and lies. However, for the stone dust trail stretches as if his intestines were removed. However, other traces can not see. So, the stone itself came?

The trajectory of these stones varies greatly. Some crawling strictly on a straight line, and other meander, crossing your own tracks. The stones are crawling groups and one at a time.

Some scientists believe that the movement of rocks due to natural causes. The rains that sometimes pour this over the dry and parched plain, flow down from the surrounding mountains, water flows under the stone, freezes there at night, and when it begins to melt, the stone, as if on a greased surface, glides forward. The witness even managed to remove this process on video.

There are other hypotheses. Someone claims that the stones are moving under the action of magnetic field of the Earth, others believe that all the fault of the strong winds and the tornadoes that sometimes form here.

Although an ordinary tourist, of course, want to believe in ancient Indian magic and spirits in this eerie but beautiful in its own way.