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The most mysterious places in Russia

Our country is full of mysterious and unique places, the cause of and the purpose of which is often not needed to explain nor scientists, nor historians. This is not the most pleasant and relaxing geographical point on our planet. To visit these strange and mysterious places, which are composed of sentimental legend, tend, as a rule, thrill seekers.

In 1949 in the North of the Irkutsk region was found a little known among the public Patom crater. Despite the resemblance with the volcanic crater, geologists have not identified in soil samples no traces of ash or lava. However, at the same time, they found in its composition silver magnetic plate strong acting and high strength. Then there was an assumption that they resemble the pieces of an aircraft. Research Tomsk and Novokuznetsk scientists have identified the approximate age of the crater is 250 years. Their main hypothesis was the version of collision at high speed extraterrestrial object with the Earth, which it penetrated into the depth of rocks more than 600 meters. In the course of magnetic and electrophysical research was able to identify the presence of underground high-density cylindrical object, which has allocated a large amount of heat and radioactivity.

Solovetsky archipelago, stretching in the White sea, consists of 6 krupniki more than a hundred small Islands. Within the Islands you can discover the mysterious stone structures: the labyrinth”Babylon”, dolmens, mounds of boulders and symbolic calculations. According to local historians, 35 spiral Solovetsky labyrinths are ancient funerary structures of the Neolithic period, built for the souls of the dead could not get out from the underworld to the living world. Scientists believe that these Islands were perceived by the ancient people as the transition point into the next world, and the bodies of the dead were transported to the maze even from afar.

Karelian mountain Vottovaara, near Petrozavodsk, beckons curious travelers, archaeologists and ufologists. The inhabitants of Karelia have nicknamed it “death mountain”, explaining that ominous name heavy energy areas. Mountain trees have a curved shape. In this enchanted corner of nature, surrounded by swamps, will meet inhabitants of the animal world. On top of the mountain was built of a mysterious stone pyramid-they built the indigenous tribes of the Sami people. Historians have not failed to explain their true purpose. At the foot of the mountains is suddenly interrupted cellular, but many people discover the amazing psychic abilities and starts to dream.

The origin of the lake Svetloyar in the Nizhny Novgorod region is also full of secrets and mysteries. During the Tatar-Mongol invasion many of the Russian people hid from invaders in Kitezh-grad. But, according to the Chronicles, during the long siege of the fortress walls kitajskih incredible happened: the eyes of bloodthirsty invaders, the whole town, praying for the salvation of people, suddenly disappeared under the water. In its place was formed the legendary lake. Archaeological and hydrological expedition confirmed that in the XIII century on this place there was natural disaster, namely the failure of the powerful of the earth’s crust. The believers claim that since near the lake often heard the chimes of bells and chants and visions arise: the procession of the monks, the reflection in the clear water crosses the Church or dancing on the water girls in kokoshniks. Today at the lake Svetloyar you can find a lot of pilgrims.