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The great wall of China

The great wall of China with the absolute margin holds the world record for the amount of work and the volume of the entire structure. Presumably, if you yourself at least are mentally stone house length almost from Moscow to Khabarovsk. – It is clearly not for protection, because there is now no one and nothing that would need to be protected; anyone here got, although for the blind this building is listed as “fortification”.

Interesting is the fact that Combat the loopholes of the wall directed to the South, i.e. inside China. Goes against yourselves they built this building. It seems that the noodles on the great wall of China has long hung on the ears of the audience”

Apparently, it’s just not “loopholes”, is the explanation for us. “Fortification” in the most inaccessible mountainous region of the planet. Just imagine, even now, with modern technical means to build on tops of mountains (. ) this structure length of 6,400 kilometers. It’s like a STONE HOUSE almost from Moscow to Khabarovsk. Moreover, the structure, if not to suspect some other purpose, is absolutely useless. Turns out that the huge construction of planet Earth (Gai-Goya) built wasted? So it turns out?

Now hold on to the chair. You’ve just seen the photo of the great Wall on the ground and saw what kind it moramide sort of broken way? Now see the photos of the great Wall in 1994 from space:

His eyes refused to believe – a straight line. A straight line with a length of 6,400 km. from Here the question arises: from what point it was planned that the straight line length of 6400 kilometers? What was that civilization, which could make the project useless, and now nobody can. And, mind you, the line of the great Wall is even more suspicious than a straight line, – it is just a little convex, repeating parallel, our planet – following the bend of the globe! And this, given the mountainous terrain, make it much harder than to build, as Tsar Nicholas the First railroad from St. Petersburg to Moscow – on the line. Here must be a ruler almost to Khabarovsk. And this convex parallel it was impossible as Tsar Nicholas I, to make a ruler. Much on Earth, it turns out, can be understood only from space! The great Wall of China is the only man-made structure on earth visible from the moon! Strange things happen, usually before something is done to build the plan area. And here, although the Great Wall in China was built so long ago that no one really even knows when it was built, it turns out her plan was to sketch only from space! So maybe do purely space?

Here’s a little history of VC. Or the legend:

The beginning of its construction put the Emperor Qin Shi – Huang-ti, on whose behalf the Empire is called to this day – Cina. The Emperor Qin who United a disparate and management, constantly warring among themselves, separate principalities. He did this extremely violent methods, but it was justified and subsequently gave positive results. But the main act is the greatest Magical structures – a Tomb– Mausoleum and VCS.

Both in its scope exceeds even what was built by the Egyptian pharaohs. Although the Mausoleum is not opened – unearthed terracotta army of the Emperor, but from the surviving descriptions of the Mausoleum, it is absolutely clear to its magical purpose. It is a model country, with its cities, rivers of mercury, sapphire stars in the sky and jade sarcophagus of the Emperor in the middle – is for the Emperor Qin continued to operate, owning her own Empire, to defend it, centuries after his physical death. The mausoleum is a gigantic machine of Immortality. What is the magic value of VC? From the point of view of strategic military HQs has no meaning. Why? First- it is too long, which means that the garrisons defending her, could not be numerous. Secondly – in the Western, lowland part of it was very low. Now imagine that the wall that defends the garrison of 150 to 200 soldiers, the ideal army of 200 – 300 thousand people with ladders and siege weapons. How much time will last the defenders, if the main forces are in a thousand from the wall? Ten minutes. And then this army is making a hole in the wall and freely invades the Empire. VC performs a purely magical function. It is built not only on Earth but in the Astral plane. When its construction was used a powerful protective magic, including the sacrifice and the Eternal zamurovannye Defenders in the wall. Clearly that Emperor Qin advised and possibly even sending its action, the Brāhmaṇas chabat cousin. However, in the 20th century the fortress Qin was undermined from within by means of more sophisticated weapons.

Will continue to ponder:

It’s just like in the airport area there is a zone guide signal bands on which are lights. For example, because we had a summer camp in the area of Domodedovo airport, I know that in a forest near the airport guides cut through the clearing. Can be an object length of 6400 kilometers, constructed on the tops of the mountains, and for people throughout this time after the construction is obviously useless, it serves as a space-airfield targets? Only in yesterday’s issue we gave: “the map belonged to the Turkish Admiral Piri Flight, Dating back to 1519 year (This is before Magellan). And this is a copy of copies of copies of ancient maps. Original in the dark millennia. Ready? THIS PREHISTORIC aerophotocamera FROM EARTH ORBIT:

Noticed as typical “swim” continents? Shooting with sooo a great height. For reference – Antarctica was discovered only in 1822. And figure she’s no ice with, like, her rivers with the mountains. I personally didn’t notice, but apparently, if it is recognized even by Jewish historians. Probably the picture is sooo ancient.

And on what point was a alien ship, where such a panorama? Guess from three times: (the projection was done by specialists of the U.S. air force, there can be no mistake). The area of the pyramids”.

This similar map based on spherical projection and used for air traffic controllers and Cairo to determine distances and required fuel reserves. This card was made using the spheroidal geometry.

Piri Reis map is often used as evidence that there once existed an advanced civilization, which we now only begin to know. The earliest known civilization, the Sumerian in Mesopotamia, appear out of nowhere 6000 years ago and had no experience of sailing at sea and navigation. However, they respectfully spoke about their ancestors “the Nephilim” who were considered gods.

Look again at the picture from space great Wall of China. Look closely. After all, no one even knows the age of this structure. And who lived then in this region is also unknown. Three and a half Mongolian shepherd built this stone house with a length of 6,400 kilometers? If you remember, Solzhenitsyn we described in detail how before the war, several million prisoners at gunpoint failed to build BAM. And you say, Chinese Great Stone Wall, and even on tops of mountains! When either of these mountains, through which passes the Great Wall of China, climbing without equipment climb!