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The Gothic Cathedral of Santa Maria del PI

Barcelona, the beautiful Spanish city, which originated many centuries ago. During this time, the city changed several times, changing its appearance. Were built and disappeared buildings, there were new, something preserved, something not. Many architectural monuments of Barcelona came to us. Among them include the Gothic Cathedral of Santa Maria del PI. Gothic is often present in the architecture of Barcelona. This Cathedral is not only there, but Santa Maria del PI is the most beautiful.

In ancient times

In the tenth century in the city of Barcelona was erected a small Church in a simple Romanesque style. Called this God’s house the Church of the Mother of God. People love to attend the temple. During the next nine centuries, the temple has undergone alteration. The Church was destroyed in an earthquake and burned. It was constantly rebuilt and improved appearance. Its final, a Gothic style Cathedral acquired in 2010, when the last restoration.

The interior of a Gothic Cathedral

The Cathedral begins with a Central entrance, which is divided into three spaces by two columns. The Central place of the temple is the sculpture of the virgin Mary with the baby.

The facade of the Church consists of luxurious podporou holding all massives of the nave. Between pairs of gorgeous backwater are lanceolate window frames.

The Cathedral’s interior decoration is not very luxurious and magnificence. In his time the temple was richly decorated, but everything was lost during the fires and destruction. Currently the Church houses the organ and a new altar, which was built in 1967.

Excursions to the Cathedral

The old temple has a rich history. The Cathedral is known outside of the country. Every day come to Church with hundreds of parishioners and curious tourists who want to explore near the said temple. For the restless tourists there are visiting hours, which are reserved for tours. The Gothic Cathedral of Santa Maria del PI is written in many guidebooks Barcelona. To the Church are many Hiking trails. Because it is located in the Gothic quarter of the city where there are many architectural attractions.