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The Albrechtsberg castle in Dresden-Loschwitz was built from 1850 to 1854 and is the most representative of the three Elbe castles, all of which offer a wonderful view on the city of Dresden. The other two elf-locks, Schloss Eckberg, and lingner castle are also worth seeing.

Burg Kriebstein


A real knight’s castle on a rock – Kriebstein castle is located between Mittweida and Leipzig in a wooded area. In 1415, the Bur was besieged for a long time. There’s a famine threatened, decided to take the besiegers, that all women were allowed to leave the castle and take were, what they could wear, too. The besiegers expected, of course, that the women would take their money or their jewelry. But on the day of the release of the women wore their men on the back through the gate. And the castle without bloodshed back to Robert, as was held in all agreements.

Schloss Benrath in Düsseldorf, Germany

The Benrath castle, with its stately interiors of the 18th century. Century can be seen in the context of a private or public management.

In addition to the historical rooms of a classic summer residence and hunting Palace, The Museum of garden, here are home to two more museums: art and the Museum of natural history. The once-scale castle Park is also declared as a monument and as a natural protection gives birth and can be visited.

Chateau De Chambord

Between Blois and Orléans, 5 km away from the Loire river and surrounded by a large wooded Park, is the largest Chateau in the Loire valley: in the 16. Century castle Chambord. It is claimed that the Renaissance architecture of the castle is due to the influence of Leonardo da Vinci. The best Position for a photo of the castle is to the North-West of the castle moat. From there spectacular shots of Chambord succeed with his Reflection in the water. To also recommend the audio guide, which provides a lot of interesting information about the history of this beautiful, of king Francis I. designed castle.

Castle Ford Cross, Querfurt

Burg Querfurt, Saxony-Anhalt is one of the largest medieval castles in Germany and fascinates not only with its wonderful appearance, but also with its rich history, which you can experience during a visit. During a visit to the towers, the gate, the tomb of the system or of the castle chapel, it is easy to put in the time, in the the castle of the noble lords of Querfurt was inhabited, to think back. The museums, which are now housed in the castle, to tell you much more interesting about the plant. Who visited the castle querfurt in the summer, you can also participate in various Events, such as at the medieval market in June or at the summer cinema in August, shortly before Christmas, the castle is in contrast to the romantic backdrop for the annual Christmas market.


As he would grow directly out of the Rock, reaching the tower of the castle ruins Neideck in the sky of the Franconian Switzerland. Previously, the gender of the key Berger was here. Count Konrad of key mountain was made in 1347 with the establishment of a customs has no friends. The bishops from Nuremberg and Würzburg, attacked the castle and killed the count – according to the legend, exactly at the Moment, as he sat on the silent Village, that towered over the castle wall. The Bishop of Bamberg, in turn, had Trouble with the citizens of his city: they demanded Land for a town hall he wouldn’t give it to them. The Bamberg of the Sage banged after piles in the river Regnitz and built their city hall on an artificial island in the river. In the 18th century. Century it was rebuilt and is now called the Old city hall is a pearl of the Baroque and Rococo in the historic city.