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Pyramid Of Tibet

How many unsolved mysteries it hides in itself the word “pyramid”!

In our Land there are many pyramids of various shapes and sizes. Only on the territory of Tibet according to some data there are about one hundred, in Egypt, 34 pyramids, in Mexico 16.

In Tibet is the highest mountain Kailas. Its height is its height is 6714 meters. It is believed that just around it and grouped the rest of the pyramid, they oriented to the cardinal directions.

In ancient Tibetan legend says that a very important role in the life of our planet, have played the legendary “city of the Gods”. And built his “sons of Gods”, even before the flood.

It is believed that a variety of shapes and sizes of Tibetan pyramids, make them unique, not similar to the other pyramid. Huge stone structures euphemistically called “mirrors”. “House of happy stone” is one of concave “mirrors”- of a height of about 800 meters.

On the theory of one of the scientists Kozyrev, in these stone “mirrors” the time is present and exists as a special kind of energy, and how it is able to shrink and stretch. Perhaps this is the reason for the unexplained death of a group of climbers who seem to be aged for decades at once, after climbing the pyramid.

Today dannemarie scientists, examining the data,have put forward the version that “mirror” perform the role of “time machine”. According to some reports these “mirror” screens flows of various forms of energy, the nature of which for us remains a mystery. Obviously, these mysterious constructions, with a lot of “mirrors” have their own, very important purpose.

This is the purpose, obviously was well-known to those who in ancient times created these structures. In all likelihood, the level of civilization of those builders was outrageous, since it is difficult to imagine how in the mountains moved these huge stone blocks that make up the pyramid, and another striking thing is how refined the mountain ranges, which forces the builders attached the necessary form kilometer stone “mirrors”.

Some Tibetan pyramids are accompanied by a corresponding antiquity of the paintings. In these images of people whose faces, by description, are reminiscent of Atlantis. Quite often in the picture, next to the man depicted object oval in shape, very similar to the lethal machine Vimana. Judging from these images, we can conclude that the complex of Tibet was built in Atlanta.

In ancient Tibetan texts have said about the particular gold plates that said “True knowledge”, it is believed that these plates are fraught with information on a global scale. They are kept in special caches of the Tibetan pyramids. With the aim to solve the mystery of the plates, scientists focused their attention on the monument of a seated man. This majestic figure with a height of about forty meters, suggests that lying on the knees of this monument book is the “gold plates”.

According to ancient legend, the mysterious Lemuria is in the Pacific ocean. The head of the statue facing right on the South-East, towards the Pacific ocean. Perhaps the statue points to the hiding place of the legendary “Golden plates”, but closer to the monument is not possible, because it is in the area of the stone “mirrors”.

As mentioned above-the height of the main pyramid of Tibet – mount Kailash – is its height is 6714 meters. The distance from Kailasa to the North pole is its height is 6714 kilometers, the distance from Kailasa to Stonehenge – its height is 6714 kilometers, and its height is 6714 kilometers from Stonehenge to the Bermuda triangle! The undeniable connection between the Tibetan pyramids and other unique monuments of the ancient world – the Egyptian and Mexican pyramids, suggests to some researchers that there is a global pyramid system.

If you look closely, you can see that the gaze of the Sphinx is pointing to the side of the mountain of Kailas, the axis held on this mountain – Yes, on Easter island, the main “mirror” of Kailas exactly aimed at the Egyptian pyramids, and two North of the “mirror” point to a Mexican pyramid.

Surprisingly, the purpose of this mathematical system, is still not solved. However recently, more and more scientists are inclined to believe that it is necessary for connection of the Earth with the cosmos.