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The great wall of China – in truth, one of the largest and most impressive edifices created by man. It is a symbol of ancient Chinese civilization, unique, a striking structure that is part of the UNESCO world heritage site. In 2007, the Chinese wall was chosen as one of seven new wonders of the world.

Before the advent of the great wall in its finished state, separate principalities were building their local walls, which were further combined into one structure. Then the wall has become familiar to all of us shape.

Sections of the wall are built of bricks and stone slabs, at least those parts that we can observe today. The size of some sections of the wall, on average, have a height of 7-8 meters wide, 4-5 meters. This width allowed to simultaneously move 5 wars and was a great road, which was very important for rapid deployment of troops.

For a more cohesive and effective protection of the Chinese Empire, in large parts of the wall were built the tower, located from each other at a distance 200metrov. Also in the wall, for the passage was provided for 12 well-protected checkpoint.

Unfortunately, not all parts of the great wall have been preservedto the present day. Large portions of this massive structure is currently vulnerable to destruction. Mainly because of the local population. Residents of villages located near the wall, for a long time use blocks of stone as a building material. As for the safety of the walls can not affect the widespread development of railroads, the construction of highways and other extended objects. But there are areas so well preserved that their appearance can be judged how the wall looked during the reign of his Majesty.

Three sections of the wall were made of rare purple marble. These areas are unique. They were the most beautiful and rugged parts of the building. Although, in the present time, it is quite difficult to get into, because of their remote location.

The great wall of China is so seamlessly blended into the surrounding landscape that can only bow to the skill of the ancients who designed and erected this wall. Everything was left to chance. The width of the inner part, the distance between the signal towers, the height of each part, everyone was focused on the usability and functionality of the entire structure as a whole.

The main function of the great wall was a defense against Northern nomadic tribes. At that time, wall was the border of the Empire stretching over 2 500 km, and taking into account all branches and at all fantastic at 8852 kilometers.

In its construction has invested about 1 000 000 people. Many of them were killed and immured in the Foundation. The large structure literally built on the bones of people. No wonder the Great wall also called the wailing Wall.

Great wall of China is a cultural heritage and a considerable part of Chinese history. Anyone simply must see this magnificent building, in order to fully get a feel of its atmosphere.