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Mysterious places of the world

The world is full of mysterious monuments created by ancient masters. These places have been carefully studied by scientists, historians and archaeologists, but some of them are so ancient, incomplete or incomprehensible that it’s still not clear why they were built and what purpose they served. We have prepared a selection of mysterious places of the world. which still raises many questions, confusing researchers. In various countries one can find the monuments of ancient civilizations, the purpose of which remains unclear until now. Structures built thousands of years ago, radically ahead of its time, still giving no rest to the scientists. Today we will visit the most mysterious, in all possible senses of the word, places on the planet.

Newgrange — the oldest and most famous prehistoric structure in the whole of Ireland. His approximate age is 5,000 years, it would appear that he is even older than the famous Stonehenge and the Egyptian pyramids. He located and constructed in such a way that at winter solstice the sun’s rays for a very short time (about 20 minutes) illuminate the main hall. Newgrange was a place for holding rituals in the Neolithic period. Since then, as the civilization that created it ceased to exist, the complex gradually disappeared under layers of soil and was found only in 1688. Maniutenam, who studied Newgrange, were divided: some believe that this tomb, others that it was used in astronomical purposes. In addition to the greatest historical value, Newgrange amazing job roofers — for 5000 years, the roof practically is not leaking and is moisture still.

The pyramids of Yonaguni were detected in Japan in 1987 by a group of divers. Near the island Ruku, at a depth of from 5 to 40 meters, there are massive platforms and the pillars of stone. Scientists are still not sure: it is a natural formation or artificial. Some of them argue that underwater currents and erosion have formed this structure right at the bottom of the ocean, the latter — indicate right angles and correct form, confident that Yonaguni is man-made. These places quickly became one of the most popular in Japan among divers, despite the fact that these depths are quite dangerous.

The Nazca lines in the desert of Peru were created by the same same Indians somewhere between 700 and 200 years BC. Whimsical drawings cover the surface area of 50 miles. Lines depict geometric shapes, insects, birds and animals. Each of the figures reaches several tens of meters in width, so you can see them only from the air. Scientists again, as they wound, were divided into two camps: some argue that these drawings were created by the ancients for the purpose of communication with deities, others are inclined to believe that this is the sign of ancient weaving looms (easy to understand, with what scope you need to weave). As another scholar has put forward the rather absurd theory that are the remnants of ancient airfields, which was pulled upwards prehistoric flying machines. Lines were drawn as furrows of a width of up to 1.35 meters and a depth of 0.5 meters. How the ancients managed to achieve such a stunning accuracy with such a sweeping scale, and why drawings still preserved, not listed sandstorms, it is not clear.

Not far from Machu Picchu is a mysterious complex of stone walls, elegantly called Sacsayhuaman. The building consists of stones, reaching 5 meters in height, though fitted to each other so that you cannot insert between them a sheet of paper. How the Incas managed to transport these stones — the question is moot. The Spaniards who have won those lands, for example, were convinced that the builders sought the help of demons. The whole building reaches a length of about 300 meters. The absolute majority of scientists believed that Sacsayhuaman served as a fortress to the Incas, here even on two camps they break easy.

About Easter Island, of course, on the list of most mysterious places too not to mention. Ten statues, the Moai look in the center of the island, their red stone hats and shoulders buried in the ground. From 887 survived only 394 of the statue. As they are made from a relatively soft volcanic rock of solid stone, scientists have already figured out. But how they were delivered from the volcano in the centre of the island to its shores, still there is debate. The fact that the explanation is found even few: the offset of the center of gravity ropes, a rolling movement on the uneven bars, the revival of the statues spells — now it is difficult to choose one version, ignoring the rest.

The tablets Georgia is the youngest of today’s structures. It was created in 1979 under the pseudonym R. C. Christian. The monument is made of the hole, pointing to the sun and the North star. Inscriptions made on the tables — a kind of farewell to the generation that will survive after a global cataclysm. They have caused the most controversy and arguments. The author of the monument claimed to have created it commissioned an independent organisation and more with it had no contact.

Manual for the restoration of humanity after some catastrophe shows on the faces of the tablets in 8 different languages: English, Spanish, Swahili, Hindi, Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese and Russian. Russian text reads:

1. Let the earth’s population will never exceed 500 million, staying in constant balance with nature.

2. Reasonably adjust the birth rate, increasing life value of training and human diversity.

3. Find a new living language that can unite mankind.

4. Tolerant in matters of feelings, faith, traditions and the like.

5. Let just laws and impartial court stand up to defend people and Nations.

6. Let each nation decide its own internal Affairs, bringing to the world court only nationwide problems.

7. Avoid petty litigation and useless officials.

8. Maintain a balance between personal rights and public responsibilities.

9. Above all, appreciate the truth, beauty, love, seeking harmony with the infinite.

10. Don’t be a cancer for the earth, nature, too, leave the place!

And in General, agree, everything is quite well conceived. Despite this, the monument has repeatedly been desecrated.

Hardly any of the historical monuments shrouded in such a thick veil of mystery, like Stonehenge. Since the middle ages it became a matter of dispute among astronomers and historians. The facility is 130 km from London. Despite its impressive size, it is considered that this is just a small part of what he was before. No written language of its creators it is a left (Neolithic after all), so about the purpose of Stonehenge we can only guess by studying its current version. There are theories that this was a funerary monument (near it were found many graves), that is a religious object — a temple, that is an ancient Observatory, but the mystical properties given to the building, and does not count. Only odd thing about Stonehenge is rarely spoken of as a work of art, not bearing any practical mission. Seven stone, standing in the distance, according to legend, there is since then as the Devil saw a monk hiding and ran at him with this lump. The stone crushed the heel of the clergy, and therefore is called the Heel. Given the size of the stone and the power of the Devil, the monks are very lucky that he got off so easy.