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Mysteries of the ancient pyramids

The great historian Herodotus in his time called the Egyptian pyramids first wonder of the world. Since then, thousands of years have passed, which confirmed the truth of his words and forced researchers to consider it a miracle tainstvennym and greatest known to humanity. The pyramid complex of Giza is the most sublime and mysterious of the seven wonders of the world. The most impressive of this complex is the pyramid of Cheops. Even after a thousand years it still maintains a significant portion of their secrets. These huge Egyptian structures will always haunt restless human imagination.

The pyramids on the Giza plateau for many centuries before our era was considered as historical monuments. For example, majestic and mysterious pyramid of Cheops, clearly stands out on the plateau of Giza, near Cairo. It did not contain any Royal treasure or the mummy of Pharaoh, or other characters. Then for what purpose it was built? It was first studied in the V century historian Herodotus. Already at that time it was believed that the pyramid over two thousand years.

Since then, it took many centuries, during which theologians and scientists studied the Great Pyramid, marveling at the scale and grandeur of the work on its creation, marveling at the deep and the greatest necessity, which could induce our ancestors to this work. The pyramid of Cheops is considered the most perfect building in the world. It is also considered that geometricheskogo this pyramid encodes information about the structure of the Solar system, the Universe, and of man himself.

Famous scientist Casey argues that in the pyramid of Cheops stored household items and the Chronicles of Atlantis that prove the existence of highly developed technology and science in the distant past. According to most current hypotheses of the Great Pyramid is intended to be the tomb of Pharaoh. However, there is also another opinion about the purpose of the pyramid. And this view is thoroughly suppressed. Today it is known that she was neither an Observatory nor a tomb. She was a powerful, gigantic generator of special energy that was used by priests and pharaohs for various purposes.

Today for anybody not a secret that all the objects in the outside world apart from the main radiation form a specific radiation, which due to their form. As a result of several studies, scientists have found that the strength of this radiation depends on its mass, volume, time and place of its location. The ancient builders of the pyramids knew about the existence of radiation generated by the mass and the shape of a pyramid. Moreover, they have used it for many different purposes. For example, when building a special hub that has the magical power of various kinds – healing, creative and even destructive. Currently this area of knowledge is studied only.

The pyramid’s influence depends directly on its geometric size – the larger the pyramid, the more efficient it operates. Anthony Bowie, French scholar, for thirty years explored the great pyramid and found some very strange phenomena. He found that the bodies of animals, which accidentally fell into the Tomb of the king, died and was mummified. Their dead bodies looked very strange – there was no putrid smell, as there was no sign of decomposition. Moreover, despite the humidity, the bodies were completely dehydrated. Bowie, back in France, he created a wooden model of the great pyramid. He oriented strictly to the North and placed the body of a dead cat to the location of the “rooms” of the king. After a couple of days he discovered that the body was mummified. During these experiments with other animals, scientist have achieved the same effect – they are mummified and not rotting. It should be noted that organic materials are not contaminated. In the end, the scientist came to the conclusion that the pyramid shape has miraculous properties.

Up to 50-ies of the last century, research Bowie didn’t spark much interest. However soon they are interested in engineer Carl Drbal. He made a famous discovery that energy pyramids can sharpen razor blade, placed in it. The sides of the pyramid should be oriented to the geomagnetic poles. Since there have been a multitude of new discoveries. If you go inside the pyramid, to decrease the intensity of toothache and headache, accelerates the healing of ulcers and wounds. Instant coffee, standing in the pyramid, gets taste of natural, inexpensive wines improve their taste, the water tones the body and promotes healing. Fish, meat, fruits and vegetables dry out, but not spoiled, not moldy cheese, and milk did not turn sour. Today, people use this principle to build scale models of the pyramids. An exact match of proportions, such models are very effective.

As is known, the main constant in science, art and architecture is the Golden Section. In accordance with the proportion of this cross-Section created by all living things. And proportions of the Cheops pyramid are. Surprisingly, the ancient builders were able somehow to build this great monument of engineering with almost perfect symmetry and precision. It seems incredible, when you consider that it was built on a massive hill and not on flat ground. This hill was in the center of the base of the pyramid. Modern engineers can not believe my eyes, because even it is impossible to imagine how the ancient architects without modern technology was able so accurately to specify the shape of the base at the most important stage of construction.

According to calculations of scientists, the three main pyramids are linked to each other. The location, the angles, the height of the design were deliberately chosen with a special meaning. Modern research has shown more intriguing results – the size, dimensions, arrangement from each other, the Sphinx and three pyramids reflect a similar relationship for Mars, Earth, Venus and the Sun. More in-depth analysis showed that the creators of the pyramids had linked the complex of pyramids of Giza with the Sidonia face and pyramids on Mars. The location of the pyramid of Cheops is also proof of incredibly high knowledge of the Egyptians in the field of engineering construction science and astronomy. As already mentioned, the side faces of the pyramid oriented to the cardinal directions.

Numerology, assessing the size of the pyramids in various combinations, have come to the conclusion that the entire history of humankind is encoded in the pyramid of numbers. Moreover, not only the past history but also the future. In the pyramid contains an incredible amount of information about the structure of the Solar system, the Universe and man. Professor Ernst Muldashev claims that the main monuments, such as the Mexican and Egyptian pyramids, the complex of Stonehenge in England and Easter island, scattered on the Ground haphazardly, as it seems at first glance. Include the study of Tibetan pyramid complex, he noticed a strict mathematical system location on the planet.

French researchers A. de Belizal and L. Samari suggested that the Great pyramid is a transmitting station. They showed that the radiation of the pyramid thanks to a huge weight was reached. This allowed the model of the pyramid even from a very long distance to detect this radiation and without a compass with high accuracy to guide a route of caravan in the desert or a ship at sea. Scientists are particularly interested in the fact that the Great pyramid was not finished to the top. Its peak actually formed by the platform 6×6 meters. Scientists have conducted studies and found that it allowed to falsely vibrating prism that creates radiation, which is vertically lowered to the base of the pyramid. Bathroom Pharaoh escaped this influence, but it is, apparently, capturing still not found underground room. In 1969, L. Alvarez, conducted computer research and found counters cosmic rays in the pyramid of Chephren. These studies caused a huge stir in the scientific world – the geometry of the pyramid was violated in some inexplicable way the devices work, thus forcing the researchers to stop the experiment. This attempt, along with many other revealed another feature of the learning pyramid – with each new study there are more questions than answers.

So who built these mysterious structures? Very popular is the alien version of the origin of these pyramids. There is also a view that deep under the pyramid there is another pyramid “gold”, which supposedly is the so-called “time capsule”. It represents the heritage of all the civilizations that once lived on earth.