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There is an opinion that the Asuras are the best custodians of the Land, who founded the Helena Paparizou. Being able to wield the forces of the planet, they tried to do everything possible to part of the people, his knowledge survived.

Today, it is considered that the word “Asura” (the inhabitants of the Earth) comes from the ancient Sanskrit word “Sura” – “gods” and negative particles is “a”, i.e. “no gods”. In the Vedas they are called “demigods” possessing magical powers of magic. H. P. Blavatsky believed that the word “Asura” is derived from the Sanskrit “ACS” – breath.

In ancient biosphere people were considerable growth. Today there is probably not one of the people who would not have legends about giants. All ancient written sources that have reached us: the Bible, Avesta, the Vedas, Edda, Chinese and Tibetan Chronicles, etc. – everywhere we encounter the message of giants. Even in assyriska cuneiform clay tablets, reported the giant Subari, who towered above all other people, like a cedar above the bushes. Is it a coincidence? I think that such an abundance of written and oral legends, makes us believe that in ancient times on Earth lived the giants. A Tibetan monk of Trump reports that during the next dedication led to the underground monastery, where they were embalmed two bodies women and men are 5 and 6 m, respectively. Charles Fort reports giant skeletons of people, our researchers still do not want to recognize genuine.

From this point sinistrorse clear “useless” cyclopean structures, such as menhirs, dolmens, Baalbek of terraces, the houses, 20 meter walls, etc. It was not a whim, just the growth of ancient people were not allowed to erect buildings of a smaller size. In the Afghan village near the city of Kabul was 5 stone figures: one normal growth, the other 6 meters, 18 third, fourth 38 meters and the last 54 meters. Unfortunately the war destroyed this unique monument of antiquity. The locals don’t know about the origin of these statues and suggest that it guards that protect their village. And we know that along with the legends of giants among the peoples there are myths about the titans. From the ancient epics of the History we learn that he was the size of a mountain, so Ilya Muromets, which he stuffed in his pocket, was placed in his palm. The very old Russian word “epic” comes from the word “true” i.e. the event has already happened and excluding any imagination. Ilya of Murom is a historical person. He lived in the time of Prince Vladimir, who baptized Rus. His tomb, which is located in Kiev, more recently, scientists have uncovered for the study of the remains. So, Svyatogor is not a fiction, and he had growth, according to the epic, about 50 meters. Such growth had the entire race of the Asuras.

Svyatogor spoke Russian, defended the Russian land and was the ancestor of the Russian people – the Asura. Because most peoples ‘ relationship with the giants (titans) did not develop, the Russians were practically the only people who received the ancient knowledge of our ancestors from the band, Usini, Dobrynya and other titans of the Asuras. But, apparently, not all of the titans relations have developed peacefully (almost all Nations except the Russians, they have not developed at all). Recall, for example, the famous Pushkin’s poem “Ruslan and Lyudmila” written on motives of Russian folk tales. Ruslan fought with the “head” dozing Asura (Asura she was about 6 meters), whose body is apparently sunk into the earth (into the swamp) while he slept.

Nowadays discharged to the Asura atmosphere to exist, it was difficult because, according to some physicists, they were able to crush its own weight. Although this statement is debatable, but based on the goniometry of the human body, with growth of 50 meters weight was 30 tons, the range in the shoulders was 12 meters, the thickness of the body 5 meters. From the epic of the History we learn that he’s basically lying because it was difficult for him to carry his body.

In Russian bylinas no description, as is the case in other Nations that Asuras were allegedly cannibals. It was a blatant lie, as its 50-meter height, the titans had a brain weight almost a ton and be as primitive as cannibals, just could not. But it could apply to certain types of giants, appeared much later, had growth of only a few meters.

Modern man is able to lift half its weight and with some pressure the weight. Asura built cyclopean (megalithic) structures it is Clear that otesyvanii slabs weighing 20 tons, of which laid some miraculously preserved cyclopean structures, in ancient times was commonplace.

A number of cyclopean structures preserved on Earth tells us that they were matched only by his builders. For example, the Baalbek terrace or the ruins of ancient temples and palaces, located in Egypt at the site of ancient Thebes and called “Karnak”. According to E. P. Blavatsky, “in one of the many halls of the Palace of hypostyle “Carnac” with one hundred and forty columns, could easily fit Notre Dame Cathedral, not reaching the ceiling and looking small decoration in the center of the room”.