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The most mysterious places

White spots. Top 5 most unexplored places on the planet

In many the hustle of big cities sometimes think about the quiet and peaceful area, and no foot had trodden man. Developing the idea further, start thinking about the white spots on the map, unexplored Islands and languishing on Robinson Crusoe. However, invoking the cynicism of the twenty-first century, I assume that all have been investigated, mapped and the foot of a man trod already everywhere, except that not all the depths of the ocean.

1. Northern Columbia mountains

Stacked mountain ranges with caves, scenic areas and lush vegetation is hardly suitable for your privacy, however the privacy of others – namely the Colombian drug traffickers. Taking this completely uncharted territory, they hold it in complete subjection, because the mountain is very difficult to storm, and lush year-round greenery is a perfect shelter.

However, dedicated scientists, are at your own risk there is carried out a scientific expedition, talk about new and unique discoveries in the animal and plant world, especially in isolated intermontane valleys.

2. Papua New Guinea

Open, but undiscovered land, which impresses with its landscapes, diversity of fauna and other natural beauty, are also encouraged researchers discoveries and the people in the world. The thing is that there are new tribes,culture, often cannibalistic, which, by the way, and hinder the study of this area.

If you do decide to see the pristine beauty of nature without Smoking pipes and enjoy the rivers merging into it without waste and still go to Papua New Guinea, remember that you will have to observe extreme caution in this unexplored terrain – the population is unfriendly and help if that comes very late.

3. Tristan da Cunha

Moderate warm climate, rich fauna and flora, South Atlantic ocean – what can be better than solitude and quiet old age? Besides here it is extremely difficult to get to, by air no – only the sea, and then only on certain days, when the sea is quiet and there is no danger to descend on a rocky ridge.

However, the Internet on the island, radio communication is available, so all you need for happiness, modern man can be found there. Cons – such a heavenly place was chosen by about 300 people, will have to put up with this company and with what food you will have to make for yourself – to catch fish with homemade nets or vpahivat on plantations as these 300 people.

4. The Tibetan plateau

To get 20 days on foot, pass 81 day and not see a single person, you think, this is possible only on the moon’s surface? No, it’s Tibetan plateau is one of the most mysterious places on Earth. With the exception of a handful of monks in certain areas, you run the risk here is all anyone not to run, even if you overeat on a constant residence in small village.

The cartographers are still no General maps of the area, and if to speak about the white spots – it is only about Tibet. The championship is holding the edge of the mountain Ganker Punsum, take a fancy to these heights, you have to get to the nearest settlement, about one and a half months without the ability to use any transport.

5. The Peninsula Of Cape York

The natural reserve on the Northern Peninsula of Australia is also famous for the fact that it is extremely difficult to get to, only by air. Large flat areas where absolutely nobody lives, interspersed with small settlements of natives, who are extremely unfriendly attitude towards tourists attempting to enter their protected area.

Reserve it is named for good reason – only there you can find up to 150 different species of animals and plants on Earth are found only on Cape York and nowhere else. Beautiful hilly landscapes of the ocean and Bay still attracts extreme tourists, and according to them, the journey to Cape York is expensive, due to a completely underdeveloped infrastructure of this part of the continent.