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The most mysterious places on our planet

Perhaps the mystery of the Bermuda triangle heard. About the area, and which allegedly occur mysterious disappearances of ships and aircraft filmed a lot of movies, and the press has long been propagated in its name. However, it turns out that this is not the only such a mysterious place on our planet.

The Superstition mountains in Arizona, USA. There is a legend that in this mountain there is a huge amount of gold. In their search many people died, but to find the entrance to a gold mine no one managed. The local Indians believe that this is not casual, because the treasure is guarded by little cavemen Thouars-Toms. They guard not only gold itself, but the road to hell, which is hidden behind his light.

Lake Angikuni. In the 30s years of the last century it was inhabited by the Inuit (Eskimos). According to scientists, there were 30 to 2 thousand people. However, one day they just disappeared into thin air, leaving all of their possessions in the houses. Simultaneously with their disappearance at the local cemetery was found the grave dug. Fans of mystery all the time connect the two of these mysterious incidents.

Sea Of The Devil. Close to the shores of Japan, as in the Bermuda triangle observed a strange phenomenon: different lights, fluctuations of the magnetic field. In 1952 here was missing one of GOSUDARSTVENNAYA, which in the end never found.

Bigelow Ranch. The owner of this ranch had to encounter a number of strange incidents. First here out of nowhere appeared a wolf, which didn’t work even the bullets of the shotgun. Later it was the UFO appeared, leaving behind mutilated cattle. In the end, the ranchers gave way, and agreed to sell its territory to Robert Bigelow, the founder of the National Institute of Discovery Science. Scientists have conducted some research, but to share their results, they were not.

The valley of San Luis is another area of frequent UFO sightings. Over the past 15 years here have seen “saucers” over 50 times. For those who doubt their existence, the aliens left a strangely mutilated animal corpses. Apparently, they are not vegetarians.