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The most amazing and unusual buildings in the world

There are a lot of unusual and interesting buildings, we have tried to choose from them the most interesting and to present it for your consideration. A pleasant view.

1) the Concept of rotating buildings in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates (the building is not yet built).

2) Stone House, Fafe Mountain, Portugal. The house was built by Victor Rodriguez, tired of the bustle of the city, but now he has to endure the crowds of tourists.

3) The Chapel Of Saint-Malo (Saint Malo Chapel). Built in 1936 in the Park Allenspark, Colorado, USA.

4) amusement Park “Ferrari World” in Abu Dhabi. The world’s largest theme Park located indoors. The total roof area is 200,000 m2 with a perimeter of 2,200 m.

5) sanctuary of truth (Sanctuary of Truth) in Pattaya, Thailand. Fully wooden temple, with its height of 100 meters.

6) “Device for eradicating the evil” (Device to Root out Evil) is a sculptural composition in the form of the chapel is upside down. It was created by American designer Dennis Oppenheim. It’s not so much a home as sculptural composition.

7) Humpback building (The Crooked House). Sopot, Poland.

8) the Museum of modern art. Niterói, Brazil

9) the Headquarters of the financial company ING. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

10) the centre of the music Experience Music Project in Seattle. USA.

11) of the Central bibliothecaire. USA.

12) Dancing house, Prague. Czech Republic. The house is located in Prague 2, on the corner Resslova street and the waterfront. The authors of the project — the Croatian architect Vlado, Milunic and canadian architect Frank Gehry. The construction was carried out from 1994 to 1996.

13) the Lotus Temple is located near new Delhi in India. Architect Fariborz Sahba, a canadian of Iranian origin. Earlier the construction of this temple housed the legendary village of Bach PUR (translated from Hindi “Bach Home”).

14) is Building “Forest spiral” (Forest Spiral Building). Darmstadt, Germany. Architect Friedensreich Hundertwasser.

15) Fashion Show Mall – Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

16) The Hotel-Casino Grand Lisboa. Macau, China

17) Inverted pyramid. Arizona, USA

18) Cubic houses (Kubuswoning) in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Built in 1984 by architect Piet Blom’ohms.

19) “Nord LB building” is a futuristic structure of the land is owned by German Bank Nord/LB and is

in Hanover, Germany.

20) HSB Turning Torso skyscraper in malmö, Sweden, located on the Swedish side of the öresund Strait. The project belongs to the architect Santiago Calatrava. The height of the building is 190 meters.

21) the Upside-down house. Szymbark, Poland

22) the Building-basket – Office construction company Longaberger. Ohio, USA

23) House UFO. Sanji Taiwan. According to some reports, houses have already been demolished.

24) Central library Kansas city. Missouri, USA

25) the Solar oven. Odelia, France

26) the Building of Robert Ripley’s in Niagara falls, Canada

27) Another building of Robert Ripley’s in Niagara falls, Canada

28) Upside-down house. The city of pigeon forge, USA

29) House shoes. Pennsylvania, USA

30) the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao. Spain

31) Wozoco Apartments. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

32) the Famous Burj Al Arab Hotel in the Emirate of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates

33) Pabellon de Aragon. Zaragoza, Spain

34) the Project “garden of Eden” (the Eden Project). Eden – Botanical gardens in Cornwall, UK. Includes a greenhouse consisting of several geodesic domes, under which the plants collected from all over the world.

35) the Royal Ontario Museum. Toronto, Canada

36) the Kunsthaus Graz – Museum of modern art, Austria. The concept of a building designed by the London architects Peter cook and Colin Fournier.

37) Concert hall. Canary Islands, Spain

38) SAA mila / la pedrera (“stone cave”). Barcelona Spain

39) Apartment house, habitat 67. Montreal, Canada

40) Music house in the Chinese city of Hunan.

41) Office Center 1000, Kuanas, Lithuania

42) The Building Of The Dog. New Zealand

43) House – Egg. Japan

44) a Resident of the UK, Simon Dale has proven that childhood dream and built his family a cozy earth house.

45) the House in the elephant. USA

46) the House of the containers. London, England

47) Amazing house-Nautilus shell (Nautilus House) in Mexico

48) the Famous gingerbread houses of Antonio Gaudi in Park Guell in Barcelona.

49) Sandy-clay Mosque of djenné. Mali, West Africa

50) the Building shell. Mexico

51) Residential complex “Reversible-Destiny Lofts” in Japan

52) Small residential complex. London, England

53) Futuroscope. France

54) The Hotel “Crazy House” Hang Nga. Vietnam

55) Dar al-Hajar. Yemen

56) Fortress storage, Boston, USA.