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The Mormon temple

Salt lake city — the Mormon city. In 1847 the adherents of the sect moved with their families to a place where now formed the state of Utah. Here was erected a huge temple Mormon, which is considered one of the largest built in the last century. This building, executed in a restrained manner, is striking not only for its size, but also the harsh atmosphere. which surrounds it.

The history of the Church Mormon

In 1805 in Vermont in a very religious family, was born Joseph Smith. After 10 years, he with his father moved to new York. Already from an early age Joseph had spoken out against the fact that Protestant sects quarrel among themselves, figuring out whose organisation is better. According to the legend, when the boy one day walking in the woods. to him from heaven descended two shining figures. One of them gave a speech, according to which Smith was not supposed to join any of the sects, but always to remain faithful to God. Four years to the boy again an angel appeared and said that God wants Smith found the sacred book. Angel accurately described the place where this relic. The precise spot where the angel said, Smith found the book in a silver cover and another 2 stone. These stones were exactly what was worn by the priests from Jerusalem. These Church Ministers were supposed to help in the translation of the Scriptures. The book was translated in 1827, when Smith was 22 years old. To the young man again appeared an angel called Moroni. After this Smith began to translate. Sixteen days and nights Smith translated the Holy Scriptures, without distracting even to eat, sleep or just relax. Thus appeared the “Book of Mormon”, which formed the basis of the Church of Christ Latter-day Saints.

After the death of Smith, his successor Brigham young began searching for places on which no one would have wanted to stay. In 1847 he, with a group of believers went to where now is Utah. Soon moved here more than a thousand Mormon families. Even when Smith was alive, he planned the Mormon city, which is called the desert (Land of bees). Now this is salt lake city. In 1896, Congress recognized the independence of the new state. Young became the first Governor and the first head of the sect of the Mormons.

Immediately after the state was formed, construction began on the main Mormon temple. All construction was designed strictly in seconds and lasted exactly 40 days — the number was taken from the Bible. Supervised the construction of the son-in-law of the young — Truman Angell.

In 1854 the Church was opened to all believers. So far, it is sacred only to Mormons. Everyone is allowed to go inside — this might include only those who belong to the Mormon sect.

Features of the structure of the Mormon Temple

Strict Gothic Church built of granite. The building has 6 large pointed towers and almost devoid of any exterior decoration. The length of the building is 57 meters, width 36 meters, the thickness of the bearing walls of almost 6 meters. The highest part of the building — the spire, which stretches for 64 meters. At the top is the figure of a trumpeting angel holding a gold plate that symbolizes the book, which was sent to the Smith. Angel designed by Dallin sculpture and cast from copper and covered with gold leaf. Height statues — 3, 8 meters.

Next to the main temple is Tabernacl oratory. It differs by its unusual roof in the shape of a large turtle. The length of 76 meters, width -46 meters. Hall can accommodate more than 8 000 people. Here is almost everything made from wood — benches, balconies and even organ pipes. Above the hall there is a wooden lattice, made of pine.

In the chapel’s amazing acoustics. Heard any word, spoken softly, even if you are in a far end of the hall.

In the center of the elevation is the body, which is one of the largest on the planet — he has 19 746 pipes and 6 keyboards. In the hall chapel every day sung by the choir, which includes 300 people.

Here is the Assembly hall where services are held. Actually room is the whole building made of granite. In front of the hall is the Seagull monument, which saved the first Mormon settlement from invasions of locusts. The event that the Mormons are considered a sign of God that blesses them for a righteous cause.

Near the temple is the Museum of Church history and art, which exhibits more than 66 000 items connected with the life of Mormons. In the Genealogical library features a huge family tree that shows everyone who is in the sect of Mormons in one way or another they are each other’s relatives.

Of course, they couldn’t honor the first head of the Mormon Church and the founder of the community of Brig young. He delivered an 8-meter-high monument.