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The connection of Christianity and Gothic


Currently (2007) has become a very popular subculture of people who call themselves Goths, from the word Gothic. They divided themselves into several groups, some of them are: cyber Goths, true Goths, pseudo – Goths, and Goths are vampires, etc. etc. But are they true followers, who continued to develop the art under the name Gothic? Many “Goths” mixed many religions and antireligion, some of them wearing Egyptian anche, Christian crosses and a satanic pentagram and can say that they are atheists and do not believe in the existence of God… Some do not deny that life after death and God are real things, but not deepen in the knowledge of these things, limited only by listening to Gothic music and wear black clothes…There are still Goths vampires, people who consider themselves vampires (some still wear the same symbols, Christian crosses including)…they differ in that drink blood, as their own, and others ‘ … Generally consider themselves Goths are dark and lonely…

But there are some contradictions….characters who prefer Goths

contradict each other….vampires are a separate category of Satanists, who were so to say “the metamorphosis”….arachnet and loneliness of many “ready” remains in name only, tusy “ready” for a few dozen people often thump on cemeteries, etc. They forget that they must be sad and lonely.

But all (or almost all) has its roots. You can deal here, just looking at the art itself – the Gothic and the meaning of some characters wearing today’s “Goths”.

The most common type of Gothic are Gothic cathedrals. Fulcanelli notes: “the Gothic cathedrals, the sanctuary Traditions, Knowledge, Art should be seen not only as works, dedicated to the glory of Christianity, but as a collection of ideas, trends and folk traditions that go back centuries”. The range of symbolism used in the transmission of lessons and do not disclose the material extends far beyond the mind, it is a secret language – the expression of those tests, which cannot be described in words. With all of this the whole sphere images of a man fully Christianized.

Gothic cathedrals are directed upwards, they are relatively high, in spite of the Gothic Cathedral even think he is not on the ground, and flies up into the sky. It expresses his otherworldly essence, in this, there is an element of mysticism.

Daniel Gauthier points out: “the Gothic Cathedral as a refuge of animae mundi or world soul, is a sacred vessel which could make possible. transformation. The Gothic Cathedral represents the earthly embodiment of the world soul, reflecting her sacred laws of creation, proportion and harmony. he could serve as a link between God, the human mind and spirit.”

Another thing, in my opinion, Gothic art is a style of music called Requiem. Requiem is a description of the events that happen to man after his physical death first, and tearful moments of grief and images of the Great judgment to which each will appear. Most popular Requiem was written by Mozart, and the most popular part is the tear Lacrimosa.

You can make one conclusion – Gothic art was based on Christianity, the events described in the Bible, but mainly mystical. Also Christian symbols can be found on clothing present “ready” is, of course, Christian Crosses. According to some Scriptures the Ankh is the key to the gates of Heaven, but is currently used in the occult, bringing a curse to the owner. Pentagram — the main symbol of Satanism. (It is a five-pointed star towards the end down and inscribed in a circle.

Each end of the pentagram corresponds to one of the elements: Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Spirit.

The element of Earth is a natural, natural forces, life in all its manifestations. Earth is the birth, life and death, health and sexuality. It’s a natural instinct, the beast in man.

The element of Fire is the power of changing everything in the world. Fire produces both creation and destruction, and one without the other is impossible. In addition, Fire symbolizes physical strength and energy.

The element of Water is all the secret, unknown beyond the ordinary representations. Water is the secret of power, which is not noticeable at first glance. It’s magic and all that goes with it.

The element of Air is the power of intellect, power of possession of knowledge. In addition, Air is freedom, looseness, open space. The air is all-new, young, which rejected all dogmas and borders.

And, finally, Spirit. This word too much speculating religion, and few realize its real value. In Satanism, the Spirit is willpower, the strength of the desire of the individual to subdue processes in the surrounding world. It is the Spirit who directs the forces of the elements in the right direction.

The pentagram — the interaction of elements and submission to their Spirit, willpower. The end of the pentagram, symbolizing the Spirit, is directed downwards, that is to us. Return its status (up) — would be a subordination of elements some kind of external forces. In Satanism the primary role of the Individual, therefore, used the pentagram, pointing down the end. (taken from the Bible of Satanists))

Of course is all these characters at the same time would be stupid, because they contradict each other. But the last 2 do not match the description of the Gothic as it is based on Christianity, and Satanism – it is a complete denial of Christianity and other religions. Especially the Goths, by their definition, single that isn’t Satanism.

The loneliness and gloom can be found in some forms of asceticism (asceticism – limiting and(or) suppression of sensual desires, voluntary exposure to physical pain, loneliness, etc.) Asceticism does not correspond to Christianity, in Orthodoxy, praised the Love and Joy. But asceticism does not contradict Christianity, because in Christianity it is known 4 types of Baptism, one of them is the Baptism of Suffering. Of course such a Baptism in the “Gothic treatment” can carry a share of mysticism, which corresponds to the Gothic state of mind – a renunciation from the world, loneliness, depression, grim dark clothes, etc. It is filled with real Gothic music, music written by people who know the feeling and it shows in his music.

There is another phenomenon, some Goths lose time in cemeteries, eat the earth from the cemetery, buy a coffin to sleep in them. It is also possible to explain all it can be called a preparation for death. In fact, after the first death the human body will likely be in the cemetery in the coffin, the Soul will have some time to stay near the body.

We can draw a General conclusion, the goth can’t be a Satanist (a vampire), nor an atheist, just a Christian in some modified ascetic form, which perhaps will not be welcomed by other Christians. And about the correctness of such a culture to decide.